Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Filled and Overflowing

Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Filled and Overflowing

baptism of the holy spirit

Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Live in the Spirit – Holy Spirit Blessings

The Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit changed Paul’s life. Before receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Paul had been water baptized as an infant (not entirely scriptural), although baby dedication most certainly is godly, right and a blessing to be celebrated and embraced. Paul’s spiritual experience after receiving water baptism was typical, normal and traditional. More about that in Paul’s book God vs. Religion. At the age of 20 however, Paul received a powerful touch from God Almighty in which he was engulfed and immersed in the Holy Spirit. This life changing divine visitation forever changed the course of Paul’s life.

Make no mistake about it – religion did nothing for Paul. In fact it ate up and devoured his precious time. Yet as a youth, Paul in submission to his parents was made to go to church. Rarely did a sermon ever impart any profound wisdom in the Anglican and Lutheran churches Paul attended. Don’t get me wrong, those denominations love the Lord and their people are wonderful. Yet no church can change you, because no church died for you. Neither has any church risen from the dead, although some need to …or perhaps should just do humanity a service and be buried altogether. I’m not trying to be cute, but really mean it. Because religion often kills the spiritual life within and leaves people more dead then before they came in. Nevertheless the baptism of the Holy Spirit will liberate and change your life, forever lifting you far above the confines and snare of dead religion so you can truly experience your Creator in the fullness of life, love and blessings Christ Jesus intended. After all, God is a Spirit (John 4:24) not a religious theologian.

Why is the baptism of the Holy Spirit so important? What are the benefits and manifestations of the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Why do some resist the blessing of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and not receive what God has for them? What is the difference between baptism in water and the baptism in the Holy Spirit?

These questions and more are fully answered in Paul’s books Supernatural Fire, Waves of God and God vs. Religion.

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Baptism of the Holy Spirit 

If you’re hungry for the Holy Spirit, the key person to the Godhead and Trinity most neglected, misunderstood and forgotten about; then you owe it to yourself to go deeper in God by reading about the Holy Spirit in the Bible. Paul has done so in a thorough study of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus Himself said, “The Holy Spirit will teach you all things” (John 14:26). Moreover because the disciples did not receive the Holy Spirit until after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, they remained spiritually clueless and somewhat lifeless during their journey with Jesus. Hence the disciples slept during Jesus’ hour of prayer in Gethsemene prior to His crucifixion. This is why Jesus could not tell them much of what He desired to say unto them (see John 16:12-13). Nevertheless Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come to teach, train, mature, and guide His disciples into all that God the Father has for them. Undoubtedly it is the Holy Spirit that enables us to have access to God the Father and Christ the Son (Ephesians 2:18), without which we could by no means have any connection to God since our Creator Himself is a Spirit (John 4:24) as Jesus declared.

During my last trip to Rome, Italy, I visited the Vatican and beheld the paintings of Jesus by Michelangelo. It is ironic that the Roman pope would pay Michelangelo to paint a Jesus that outwardly resembled European features, when in reality Jesus was an Israeli with olive skin and dark eyes most likely. This is just one small example of the foolishness of man-made religion, which always tries to make God in its likeness. True spirituality however yields, submits to and follows God by the Holy Spirit rather than trying to put its agenda forth and putting God’s Name on it. The baptism of the Holy Spirit will cause you to be joined as one in Spirit to the Lord of heaven (1 Corinthians 6:17), after which you can experience and know Jesus in the Spirit. Remember Jesus Himself is a “child of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 1:18,20). Therefore “we should not know Christ merely by the flesh, but rather know Him by the Spirit” (1 Corinthians 5:16). Religion is all about outward performance and pomp. Frankly it’s quite amusing to watch …but only for a little while, because it can get extremely boring. Not so with Jesus! Christ being the power of the resurrection is alive and well. When the apostle Paul (formerly the murderous Saul) saw Jesus in all of His glory, he was blind for three days, saying Jesus’ face shined brighter than the sun (Acts 26:13). Now that is a God worthy of worshipping! Such a powerful spiritual experience left Paul blind for three days. Thereafter Paul was baptized and his blindness removed.

As Paul continued on in his walk with God, he went on to write two-thirds of the New Testament within the Bible which Christians throughout the world now read. Yet sadly few have fully read the book of Acts, wherein the great acts of the Holy Spirit are mentioned. Ironically and even more sadly is the fact few Christians have fully read the entire New Testament or the Gospels about Jesus. Do you know Jesus Himself said, “I myself can do nothing…” (John 5:19,30) “…but what I see the Father do …or hear God above lead me to do.” Considering God the Father is in heaven, Jesus wasn’t always hearing audibles like a quarterback calling plays out before the ball is snapped to run each play. We know God the Father did speak from heaven on a few occasions audibly to Jesus, one time being when Jesus was water baptized by John. Imagine, even Jesus Himself received water baptism and most importantly thereafter the baptism of the Holy Spirit which empowered Him for earthly ministry and to live victoriously. Make no mistake about it – the Holy Spirit was the Source of all divine power and the miracle ministry Jesus displayed throughout His three-and-a-half years on earth.

Would you like to access the Source of Jesus’ power, wisdom and deep love by which He had a profound impact upon the world? Such divine power and ongoing influence continues to this day because after being risen from the dead, Jesus ascended into heaven, sat down at the right hand of God the Father (Mark 16:19) and sent the Holy Spirit with power from on high to help and empower His disciples, followers and people in His absence. Surprisingly, Jesus actually said to His disciples that it would be better for them when He went away – went back to heaven where He came from. Why? Because then the Holy Spirit would come (but not before Christ’s departure) – read John 16:7 for further details and divine instruction.

After Christ arose from the dead and went to heaven; once moving in the earth, the Holy Spirit did precisely what Jesus said He would do “reprove the world of sin, righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8). Thereafter when a former foul mouth fisherman named Peter (who mind you denied Jesus three times just before He was crucified) opened his mouth to declare and preach the glory of Christ and salvation through His name – more than 3,000 souls repented at his preaching and were baptized (Acts 2:41).

Was Peter a better preacher than Jesus that he could speak and turn the hearts of more than 3,000 people in a single day? Jesus never had such phenomenal responses and church growth. What made the difference? The Holy Spirit working in and through Peter and on the hearts of the hearers convicting of sin and confirming God’s Word with signs following (Acts 5:32; Mark 16:20). Peter discovered the key and Source to Jesus’ divine power – the blessed Holy Spirit. Jesus promised His disciples they would receive power after the Holy Spirit came and was sent from heaven (Acts 1:4-5,8).

Jesus made a clear distinction between water baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). Most of the church world today is familiar with water baptism, but knows very little about the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). John the Baptist, the first man to be acquainted with and practice of water baptism, recognized there was a mightier and more powerful baptism of the Holy Spirit and divine spiritual fire that further empowered believers to serve and boldly live for God (Luke 3:16). Yet few who call themselves Baptists today dare to consider the fullness of John’s teachings (Matthew 3:11). Sadly most denominationally confined believers have spiritually parked on the few revelations their church has given them and not endeavored to read the Bible fully and thoroughly for themselves. Nevertheless for the few who dare to go deeper, Jesus promises so much more and a greater spiritual experience to awaken your heart and mind and carry you into newness and abundance of life.

Truly Jesus wasn’t joking about the divine and supernatural power the Holy Spirit which imparts divine life. When the 120 disciples who tarried and waited for the Holy Spirit saw the Spirit of the Lord come like wind and fire (two of nature’s most powerful forces), they had an unparalleled spiritual experience of a lifetime (Acts 2:2) and began speaking in tongues as the Holy Spirit filled them to overflowing (Acts 2:1-4).

I know tongues freaks some people out, but what scares me is dead religion that wastes decades of peoples lives with lifeless and powerless religion. I’m sorry, but I prefer an Almighty, all-powerful God that can touch and change lives. If you want and prefer dead religion, being top heavy over heart hungry, then please stop reading now. As for me and my house, we’re going to hunger and thirst for righteousness and the Holy Spirit. We want all the blessed Holy Spirit has for us – both by way of divine revelation and supernatural manifestation. If you’ve read this far, you’re obviously hungry for more! I know spiritual hunger, which I witnessed in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we had a service that lasted until 1:30am as God’s Holy Spirit was powerfully poured out from on high to fill people to overflowing and empower many to live, love and serve our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

I shall not endeavor to explain the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but allow God to reveal Himself to you as you draw near and endeavor to go deeper. If you are a bit intellectual and need to figure everything out first before opening your heart, then go back to the top of this writing and read my entire teaching and books on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The rest of us are now going to believe and receive! I pray as you study the holy Scriptures the same power of the Holy Spirt will be poured out from on high (Acts 2:17; 10:44) to touch, transform, form Christ within you, and fill you to overflowing to serve the Lord with power to reach this generation!

God will most surely fill you with the Holy Spirit to overflowing (John 7:37-39; Luke 11:13) as you draw near to Him, seek God, humble yourself and empty yourself of the pollution, lust, sin, enticements and entanglements of this world that burden your soul. John the Baptist said the key to increase in God is to have self, arrogance, pride and our selfish desires decrease (John 3:30). As we take up our cross to deny ourselves and seek first the will of God, the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us forward into the will of God (John 16:13). The apostle Paul exhorts us to “be filled with the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18), which is a continual infilling as we go and return to God in prayer daily, fellowship, worship and reading of His holy Word which transforms us and lifts us up to where we belong to live in victory daily.



Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Filled and Overflowing