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As misinformation, malnutrition, drug addiction (including physician prescribed prescription addiction), widespread fear, governmental manipulation and intrusion, immorality, control and compromise sweep the globe as corrupt politicians mislead, neglect and pollute their people within the regions, states and nations they “serve”; now more than ever the Church of the living God is needed to be a prophetic voice to provide and impart wisdom, divine direction, insight, hope, love, light and liberty as humanity goes deeper into bondage and darkness daily.

The Church of Jesus Christ is the lighthouse of hope that provides spiritual leadership and prophetic direction for the city, nation and world. Recently many churches have closed due to fear, immorality, along with falsely and unnecessarily imposed government mandates restricting the freedom of assembly and worship.

Nevertheless the Great Commission, our divine mandate and constitutional rights remain, which we must fight to uphold, protect, enforce and apply to ensure the Church remains alive, well, active and engaged in society providing a voice of truth, hope, sanity and direction in times of darkness and uncertainty.

Paul has inaugurated and planted churches in Argentina and Vanuatu, along with elsewhere in Africa and Asia, where Paul’s ministry broke open virgin territory, won souls, birthed revival, and raised Christian leaders, equipping and empowering them to lead churches in their respective regions.

If you would like Paul to assist you in planting a church, Paul can provide spiritual guidance when doing so and prophetic insight regarding your territory and impart the wisdom of God related to your calling and divine mandate. Paul is gifted as an Evangelist, Prophet, Bible Teacher and Apostle to bring revival, church growth, discipleship, leadership, maturity and increase to territories and spiritual communities.

Although Paul does not monetarily finance the building of church buildings, Paul can minister prophetically to your leadership and church members to ignite the fires of entrepreneurship and launch business owners among you to be mobilized to get wealth, increase financially, and build the house of God to impact your community, region and nation.

Among the books Paul has written to help in the effort of church planting are:

  • Wealthy Mind
  • Success Principles
  • Supernatural Fire
  • Waves of God
  • God vs. Religion
  • Faith To Conquer

Explore CHURCH PLANTING in your region with Paul, please email at

Partner with Paul and Support Church Planting to Impact Families, Cities and Nations

I pray God supernaturally increases and mightily multiplies what you GIVE back to you (2Corinthians 9:10; Luke 6:38) and performs SPECIAL MIRACLES (Acts 19:11) on your behalf, as you give today to church planting (to transform families, cities and nations) and continue to support Paul faithfully.

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Blessings and breakthroughs for you as you give to plant new churches to be spiritual lighthouses throughout the nations of the world to transform families, communities and countries.

Your friend for eternity,