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God desires above all things that humanity be in health and prosper (3John 1:2). Unfortunately, many people are failing physically and their health in jeopardy due to poor diet, inappropriate lifestyle behaviors, unnecessary medication, substance abuse, bodily neglect (lack of exercise, sleep and rest) and toxic relationships hindering their happiness and wellbeing. As a wellness trainer and nutritional consultant for peak performance, Paul empowers people to break addictions, achieve optimal health, heal their bodies from the inside out, overcome ailments and afflictions, naturally and holistically prevent and cure diseases, increase energy levels, improve mental and emotional wellbeing, and live their best life now.

If you or someone you know is suffering physically, emotionally, or mentally and needs health coaching to transform their lives; please reach out to Paul to receive health coaching to take your/their life to the next level.

Paul has earned Master degrees in Health (University of Alabama) and Global Food Law (Michigan State College of Law). Moreover Paul has completed extensive health and wellness training on various topics ranging from nutrition to disease prevention, virology and epidemiology, exercise physiology to social psychology, the social context of mental health to peacemaking and transformative mediation.

Among the books Paul has written on health are:

  • The Future of Food (volumes 1 & 2)
  • Breathe Better
  • Conquering Covid-19
  • Killing Cancer
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Drunk Driving Prevention
  • Smoking Prevention
  • Geostrategy to Protect Environmental Health & Food Security
  • Breakthrough For A Broken Heart
  • Wealthy Mind

For HEALTH COACHING please email Paul at

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