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At first mention receiving relationships coaching seems ridiculous. However when you consider the cost of engagement rings, wedding receptions and ceremonies, honeymoons, separation, divorce attorneys and proceedings, child custody battles, division of assets and the intense emotional and mental pain, anguish and suffering caused by divorce (which celebrities, star athletes, ministers and good hearted people with the best intentions struggle with daily when their marriage falls apart); relationships coaching makes perfect sense.

Among the communication and interpersonal disciplines Paul has been trained in are:

  • Advanced Interrogation for Lie Detection
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
  • Transformative Mediation
  • Arbitration and Settlement Agreements
  • Negotiations and Deal-Making
  • Social Psychology

Paul has written several books on relationships including:

  • Are You Ready For True Love?
  • Dating, Relationships, Love and Marriage
  • Adultery: 101 Reasons Not To Cheat
  • Hell is Hot, You’re Not
  • Divorce Your Devil, Save Yourself and Your Marriage
  • Stop Lusting & Start Living
  • Breakthrough For A Broken Heart
  • Step Kids, God’s Kids
  • Angry at God and Everyone Else
  • Your Worst Enemy
  • Wealthy Mind
  • Update Your Identity
  • Integrity of Heart
  • Love Poems: Romance and Relationships
  • Almighty Matchmaker
  • Empowering & Liberating Women
  • Stress Reduction & Emotional Management
  • Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking Poems

For RELATIONSHIPS COACHING please email Paul at

- $150/hour
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- $150/hour