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California Government Websites



california government websites


Environmental Protection Agency 


Board of Equalization  


California Exposition and State Fair  


Department of Fair Employment and Housing 


Fair Political Practices Commission 


Department of Fiscal 


California Film Commission 


Department of Finance 


Department of Financial Protection and Innovation


Fish and Game Commission 


Department of Fish and Wildlife 


Department of Food and Agriculture 


Board of Forestry and Fire Protection 


California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection 


Franchise Tax Board 


California Gambling Control Commission


Department of General Services 


Government Operations Agency 


Office of the Governor 


California Government Websites



Governor’s Office of the Tribal Advisor 


Health and Human Services Agency 


Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation 


California Health Benefit Exchange 


Department of Health Care Access and Information 


Department of Health Care Services 


California Office of Health Information Integrity 


California Healthy Food Financing Initiative Council 


High-Speed Rail Authority 


California Highway Patrol 


California Historical Records Advisory Board 


State Historical Resources Commission 


California Horse Racing Board 


California Government Websites