Copycats and Parasites – Average American Students

Copycats and Parasites – Average American Students

Unfortunately, American education has been reduced to memorization, copying and pasting, and doing the bare minimum as the average American student does little research, academic work and merely copies and pastes either what they read online (if they even read it), or copies and pastes their peer’s work. Thus, one or a few students apply themselves in most school classes in the United States, but the majority are parasites, copying and pasting, doing little work themselves.

As a result, American students (and perhaps many students around the world where teachers permit them to “work” and “learn” online) have become copycats and parasites. They lack originality, intellectual curiosity and instead find tranquility in watching foolish Tiktok videos, singing songs with empty lyrics, and recycling 1980s fashion (while thinking themselves to be cool and original). It is quite depressing to behold, but I suppose at least they think themselves to be cool. The question however is what are American students learning any more in school? Many schools don’t even have textbooks in classrooms any more, as school districts and schools themselves try to save money, encourage online learning and live in denial regarding how little American students read.

In Los Angeles County following the pandemic (and perhaps across much of the United States), American students are four years behind grade level. Alternatively, when I was teaching in mainland China and Taiwan, I saw Chinese students going to school day and night. In fact, some scholars say Chinese students attend school one-hundred days a year more than American students.

The best schools in my experience do not allow students to be entirely online and discourage screen time to cultivate true learning skills, reading, comprehension, writing and persuasive communication skills. Being mesmerized by a screen, copying and pasting, and never writing on paper with a pen; makes students lethargic, lazy and mentally hazy.

Students, you were born an original. Stop living like a copy. Being a copycat and parasite is not laying a strong academic foundation for your future development and career.

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Copycats and Parasites – Average American Students