Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker

Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker

If you want to fulfill your God given purpose, you must first purify your heart and mind to be delivered from the danger and destruction of substance abuse. As a survivor of substance abuse, my deceased mother having been an alcoholic and drug addict, later killed by an 18 year-old drunk driver, I know the importance of guarding your heart, living with purity and purpose. My younger brother got wrapped up in substance abuse, drunk driving and driving under the influence of harmful substances which landed him in jail for 10 years on and off, distracting his focus and destroying his purpose. Count the cost of substance abuse before you play around with the deceitfulness of pleasure and find yourself ensnared for life. Give your heart to God, live pure, powerful, purposeful and a meaningful life before you lose it all under the influence of harmful, dangerous and deadly substances. Substance abuse is a path to an early grave and premature death. Beware my friends.



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Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker