Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker Drunk Driving Prevention Alcoholism Prevention 

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Alcohol destroys brain cells, slows metabolism making you fat, drains sexual energy, distorts and clouds good judgment, leads to bad decisions, poor company and poverty.

Substance Abuse Prevention Speaker Drunk Driving Prevention Alcoholism Prevention 

I am the surviving son of a deceased mother who was killed by an 18 year-old drunk driver. My grandfather, a retired Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army was a functioning discrete drinker. My mother was an alcoholic and drug addict. My young brother also has a drinking problem to this day. By the grace of God, I stopped drinking at the age of 20 and have not touched it since.

I am the author of

  • Alcoholism and Drunk Driving Prevention ~
  • Substance Abuse Prevention ~
  • Smoking Prevention ~
  • Breakthrough For A Broken Heart ~
  • Oil For The Tinman ~
  • Update Your Identity ~
  • Stop Lusting & Start Living ~
  • Empowering & Liberating Women ~
  • Stress Reduction & Emotional Management ~

I hate toxic, harmful substance that rob humanity of their health, bodily strength, purity, purpose and life.

Tobacco, nicotine filled vapes, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, fentanyl, “designer drugs,” meth and more ….are filling our cities and nations, destroying our youth and adults, overturning our families and communities and devastating our nations (costing us millions of dollars in losses).

When you want a survivor and prophetic voice to speak against alcoholism, drunk driving, substance abuse and cultivate purity and purpose in youth and adults alike contact me as I speak on alcoholism prevention and substance abuse prevention worldwide, having touched 90 nations and written 90 life-changing books on various topics.


God moves through me prophetically to confront, correct, touch, change and transform humanity with supernatural power to lift them up to where they belong, give them renewed vision, heavenly fire, desire, purity and purpose to live godly and the high life in Christ Jesus (as there is no high like the most high God).

Truth be told, most people using and abusing substances are simply trying to momentarily escape some inner emotional pain regarding something they are wrestling with in their life. I help people dig deeper to deal with their true inner heart issues, resolve and transform them after which the toxic substances lose their grip on people.


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