Merry Christmas Presence Purpose

Merry Christmas Presence Purpose

Christmas is about Christ Jesus without which there would be no glorious light, truth, love, liberation and joy to feed and fulfill the nations. Jesus is the light of the world. They who merely make merchandise of Christmas to accumulate gifts and possessions miss the meaning of Christmas. Discover Christmas minus the mess of being made merchandise of and experience more joy and peace in your heart, mind and life that will last throughout the year beyond a single day or gift unwrapping extravaganza.

Divine Presence imparts heavenly peace, awakens you to your true purpose and helps you live with meaning daily to live at a higher level and not be entangled emotionally in the unfruitful affairs of this life, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust of other things. God became a man in Jesus to enlighten humanity and show them a better way to live, think, be inwardly and spiritually live in victory daily. In Christ Jesus, God in the flesh reconciled the world to Himself by paying the penalty for the sins of humanity to remove our guilt, darkness and shame so we can be forever secure in our loving heavenly Father and Creator’s love for us and live in His divine Presence daily to be comforted, nourished, strengthened, encouraged, uplifted and empowered to impart love, joy and life to others so they too may see and fully discover the goodness of God and join the family of God, the family of faith, to live free and happily forevermore.

Divine presence and a heavenly purpose make your life so much more free, fun and fulfilling all the more.


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Merry Christmas Presence Purpose