Teen Substance Abuse Xanax

Teen Substance Abuse Xanax
TV therapist Laura Berman recently buried her 16 year-old son after he bought Xanax and died. Teen substance abuse sadly is occurring nationwide and has become a real problem. Hip hop rappers, musicians, songwriters, actors and actresses are using Xanax and even singing about Xanax in their songs. Teen substance abuse is on the rise ranging from marijuana use to Adderall to Xanax. I have witnessed this in the classroom as an educator of teens in Florida and California. American teens think they can take these substances, which should be more regulated and controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), like candy and have no negative side effects. These teens are deceived and have been lied to by pharmaceutical adverts and misled by parents and family members also addicted to and abusing narcotic substances. Mind altering drugs are not to be played with by adults, nor teens. These harmful substances are killing kids and the substance abuse among teens must stop lest we lose an entire generation.
Los Angeles County in 2022 had kids and teens dying in school under the influence of opioids (heroin and fentanyl), which are being imported into the United States and packaged in what appears to be colorful candy. Drug dealers on the street are manufacturing pills that look like popular medicines, but are lacing them with deadly fentanyl to increase their profit margins, while in the process they are killing the substance user (and the drug dealer’s client eliminating any possibility of repeat business).
Fentanyl laced Xanax (bought via the Snapchat app) kills TV therapist’s 16 year-old son. As an educator of teenagers, I’ve noticed this generation is experimenting with a wider number of drugs than past generations, due to widespread adult use of prescription drugs and social media ease of access.

1997, the year the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stopped doing its job and allowed pharmaceutical companies to aggressively advertise their drugs to $ell Americans psychiatric medication and accelerate addiction.


“Doctors have been seduced that drugs are the cure for mental illness.”
~ Dr. Heather Ashton, Psychopharmacologist
Only by enduring and pushing through your problems naturally and prayerfully can you develop mental and emotional callouses to become stronger and equipped to be an overcomer.

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Teen Substance Abuse Xanax